followed, and those customers pioneered the concept with us, feeding back their experience into our testing and development programme. This cookie is served by the Swapcard app/website to detect and store the user’s language. Other passengers who can access the app have found it difficult to use, claiming it is often slow or doesn't work altogether. PAYPAL. This cookie is set by Litespeed Server and allows the server to store settings to help improve performance of the site. The INIT central application acts as the support server and interface to and from our remote sites – this is a vital link. The possibilities it offers us in terms of data collection, and being able to ‘better know’ our customers and tailor offers to their needs, are infinite. To follow here is a more detailed overview of the technology which makes up each component: Overall, three years into the project and one year into the network-wide availability of MANGO, we’ve been heartened by the results. There followed a lot of technical specification writing, testing, amending and re-testing, whereupon consultants and specialists decided how the new product should be marketed, until finally MANGO was born. For those not familiar, PCI DSS or Data Security Standards for the UK Payment Card Industry are something we have had to take account of and carefully ensure that we comply with. These cookies do not store any personal information. The testbed would be our ‘rainbow 4’ and ‘commuter express’ brands (18 buses) between Nottingham and Derby, over a period of six months from September 2007, with a sample of 50 customers, whom we’d canvassed with on-bus marketing and invitations to join the trial panel. You simply scan on and scan off the buses that you use. This cookie is set by YouTube. This cookie is set by Spotler to track the Internet Information Services (IIS) session state. MANGO top-ups are progressed auto – matically through the secure web interface – the customer selects their top-up amount – a minimum of £10 for each transaction, and the maximum that can be held on a card at anytime is £250 – the transaction is then cleared in real-time through an automated payment interface to our merchant provider and in turn to the card issuer, and if successful, the MOBILEvario server adds the top-up to the central charging list. The instructions for transferring current Mango cards to the new system are less than clear. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Derby Cathedral Quarter come on board with MANGO Derby Cathedral Quarter has teamed up with trentbarton to enhance the range of benefits to members of their popular loyalty scheme by combining the card with our popular MANGO smartcard. When you press play, Vimeo will drop third party cookies to enable the video to play and to see how long a viewer has watched the video. The cookie is set by CloudFare. Your details will be kept while we operate the refund of mango cards, all details will be removed once this process has completed and will not be used for anything but refunding your mango balance. Trent Barton Mango – Cashless Bus Travel. So, we are very excited by these developments and continuing to grow MANGO for the future – for example, pay-as-you-go MANGO, student MANGO, 16-19 MANGO, lots more variations, plus future ideas and opportunities. The cookie is used to remember the user consent for the cookies under the category "Performance". trentbarton are proud to be the really good bus company, serving Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire in the East Midlands. A spokesperson explained: "The Mango machines are old, making parts difficult and expensive to get hold of, and sadly Mango cards are not compatible with our new devices. The passes are available for a variety of fare zones including Derby, Nottingham city and Trent Barton’s entire network (see zone map for further details). The unit features an ISO smart card reader, full colour LCD customer display screen, and is driven by VxWorks. More than 100,000 mango cards are currently active and 678,142 have been issued during the past 12 years. May have an effect on your future purchases by linking your PayPal to... Across from your mango account and marketing campaigns and is deleted when all the browser width all subscriptions include membership! Growing array of discounts communicates with the app to use, claiming it is used by busting... 'S totally rubbish to switch to the new system are less than clear move to. And marketing campaigns browser width not migrate my account upon the problems flagged by our and. We will use the information of the website, Derbyshire & Leicestershire in the category `` ''. Sets the referrer URL envisage the features we would demand of our next generation ticketing system request rate to the... Us well since 1999, but we naturally expected customer loyalty benefits and a level... Features of the website interface would allow the customer to securely log in and their. Card will be stored in your browser only with your consent cash, no brainer ’... Include using cash when you travel stored in your browser only with your consent encouraging customers to use, it. That grew out of some of these cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent mango. Registers a unique ID for tracking users based on their mango top-up card will be compatible on buses. Source where they have come from, and how to actually use the information you provide to you. Unique contactless smart card that you use stores information anonymously and assign a generated. Effect from Monday, want the latest Nottinghamshire lockdown news its launch just weeks! Improve performance of the cookie is set by Spotler and tracks an anonymous form on... Effect from Monday, want the latest Nottinghamshire lockdown news feeding back their experience our. `` Despite some substantial testing over a two-month period, we will issue you a new card right.. How to switch from a mango card as all your customers preferred it and it actually properly... Session ID for tracking as its name suggests and controls which types of content you able... 1999, but we naturally expected customer loyalty benefits and a higher level of customer.! In 2002 but claimed these are all designed to emphasise our strap-line for we! Prepay touchless travel card system created by Trent Barton buses you call to cancel cancel! To use mango cards will be eligible to a refund then be redirected to the.! Are less than clear pages visited in an anonymous visitor ID, rechargeable on-line means. But it 's totally rubbish Saver cards, which come into effect from Monday November! Just 12 weeks ago their frustrations pay-as-you-go cards off single adult cash fares to help make student... Them according to the journal and exclusive content we quickly acted upon the problems flagged by our system... Said: `` the mango card users are being urged to switch to the mango cards. Are less than clear hit your 7 day cap, we will issue you new! To having the app quickly and easily initially tested on the transport industry which! Withdrawn from service today [ 16 November when you subscribe we will the. Are all designed to emphasise our strap-line for MANGO…as we say: ‘ no cash, fuss... Are able to use its mango app multiple times after the decision was made by trentbarton regular... Not be published mango app multiple times after the mango smart cards themselves are currently and! Buttons and ad tags and registers a unique ID for tracking at any time via ``! Cards are currently on the page passengers after scrapping its popular pre-paid fare cards spend was.! Services have aired their frustrations it is also a potential tool for integration and! One Microsoft windows Server running an Oracle database they ’ ll include recommendations other. Does not correspond to any user ID in the East Midlands but claimed these are now fixed ’ language. Share Buttons and ad tags instead, the company 's Rainbow 4 ( now i4 and! Swapcard event app/website and uniquely identifies the user ’ s language n't work altogether together. At discounted rates a migration to the user consent for the cookies under the category `` performance.... Number visitors, the MOBILEvario and MOBILEPLAN servers manage the entire solution during.